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Book Genres for Every Month of Birth

I was born in the month of April and find all the various symbols assigned to my birth month interesting. There are flowers, gemstones, star signs, moon signs, numbers, and a host of others.

As an author, I thought, why are there no books? I mean if you can tell me that my birthstone is a diamond (thank you, very much), surely you could suggest the genre of books I may like.

Okay, yes, I’m kidding.

Sort of.

Does anyone else think each month needs a book symbol added? 


It was interesting enough, I took it as a challenge to make up my own list! So, using a few of the “accepted” symbols for each month, I devised a symbolic book genre for each month of birth. See what you think, but of course, we may not agree. (Perfectly okay, I enjoy a good discussion!)

April is where we will begin, because it is currently April and as I mentioned, my birth month. Please understand, this is not a serious research project. I assume for instance, some purveyor of flower sales decided to give each month a flower that was in season (at least in season where the practice originated). So, for April, we have the daisy. That is fine with me, since it is and has been a favorite of mine even before I realized it was associated with April. My gemstone, the diamond, is also one I will not argue with. Buy me diamonds, please! The other three birth month associations that I’ve chosen to include in this fun exercise are animal, color and number which are warbler, red/pink and 4.

Whomever was tasked with assigning a number for each month took an easy path…


January is 1, February is 2, and of course, December finishes out at 12. Serious research for that! Still if you are interested in what numbers may mean, here is a quick and simple reference from information I perused.

One is the loneliest number… oh wait, that was a Three Dog Night song! Okay, seriously, if you are curious, here is a link that may be useful. The Meaning of Numbers

The Big Reveal! Your birth month book genre.


It was entertaining to read about the general ideas surrounding each month of birth and what might appeal to those born in it. It was this information that guided me to my completely made-up genre of the month.

Combining the various symbols and folklore, I have boldly declared the book genre for those born in the alluring month of April, Romance. After April is May with Adventure, then June is Mystery and July is Humor.

Before I continue, it is important to note that in fictional writing, genre is often expanding. There are certainly more than twelve! You’ll notice I’ve chosen mostly well-known and broad categories.

So, here we are at August, which lands on Crime Detective. Followed up by September’s History and October’s Fantasy. Wow, it is all I can do to keep writing and resist the urge to go read something. This is like a buffet for the book lover.

Five more. I’ll make it brief. Like this: November=Thriller, December=Horror, January=Steam Punk, February=Western, and March=Science Fiction.


Your Birth Month Symbols Chart.

So this is an easy reference chart in case you have a birthday coming up to celebrate. It includes the book genres for each birth month plus the other five I listed for April.


chart of birth month symbols

These are ideas assigned over time and I often found completely different associations. My point here is do not go making drastic life decisions based on this amusing collection. And certainly, do not limit your enjoyment of books to any one or two genres! Good books show up everywhere. What a blessing that is!


New Book

Sadly, I have no publishing updates to share yet.  Letters from Kansas, will be out soon as part of the “Letters from Home Series”. Currently, I have not approved a cover artwork but things are moving forward. And, I’m working on a second book for the same series.




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