What’s so Great about Book Boyfriends?

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I ‘ve had a few. And friends of the opposite sex, I have had even more! But book boyfriends, I have many. I may not have acquired them all at once, but chances are they will remain mine for all time. And some of them may also be yours!

And that is what I think is so great about book boyfriends. It never matters how many you have at once or how many others may claim them as well. In fact, it seems to me that bookworms get giddy over learning that someone else shares their crush.

Are some of my book boyfriends, yours too?

Let me begin with some of my favorite heart throbs from reading authors such as Jane Austen, Lucy Maud Montgomery, Laura Ingalls Wilder, and William Goldman.

From Miss Austen,

I have collected both Mr. Darcy (Pride and Prejudice) and Colonel Brandon (Sense and Sensibility). Incidentally, both of these books were made into films which also made me a forever fan of the actors Colin Firth (Darcy) and Alan Rickman (Brandon). It is possible that I am afflicted with a truly romantic nature because I think love at first sight is possible. Feel free to debate me! However, what I love so much about the characters of Darcy and Brandon is how they moved the relationship from friendship to courtship and finally marriage. It created a beautiful sense of depth, as if their affection was no fleeting thing.

Anne of Green Gables and Little House on the Prairie

Of course, Gilbert from Anne of Green Gables is just swoon worthy. He believes in Anne. And himself. And that together they could look after each other’s happiness. Now, what more could you want of a romance? I was quite young when I decided that Almanzo Wilder was a great boyfriend. I mean he could make pancakes! Little House on the Prairie wasn’t a romance, but it was a truelove story.

Yes, Princess Bride was a book first!

And then there is Westley from Princess Bride. No, it’s not just a movie. Although the movie did a good job with the book. Westley had dreams. Unplanned adventures. And a heart that just wouldn’t stop beating for Princess Buttercup. Okay, I have a thing for pirates too! HA!

There is no jealousy.

Do I mind that all my boyfriends had a significant other in their books? No. Not at all. That is what is so great about a book boyfriend. I get to see what sort of boyfriend they are by peeking in the pages. It can be a healthy way as a teen or very young adult to map out your idea of ideal. And if you are lucky enough to find true love outside a book, then I think it may also be another answer to the question, what is so great about a book boyfriend. Your book boyfriend will pay it no mind whatsoever.

Have you met the leading men in my books, yet?

Today, I get to write about book boyfriends. These imperfect characters have a charm that endears them to the heroine. In Poppy, Peter had to make some agonizingly tough choices, but he loved her unconditionally while giving her space to make her own decisions. Alfred is a confirmed recluse. He is barely polite when he first meets Martha in Shaw Point. Soon we learn that he has only hidden his romantic nature, albeit he had some unusual ways of declaring his interest! As a twist, let’s finish with Luis. The Tide is Against You is fantasy, magical realism to be more exact. When Luis is rescued by Lydia, he doesn’t see what she has become. He sees his soulmate in her eyes. Confusion for the mind, yes, but clear to the heart.

Happy Valentine’s Day

No doubt you have a collection of your own book boyfriends. What do you think is so great about them? Do we share any of the same ones? Just remember when it comes to book boyfriends it is perfectly okay to recommend them to a friend!  Happy Reading and Happy Valentine’s Day!


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