What is Grace?

The Grace to Soar

What is Grace?

When you hear the word grace, what do you think about? Maybe it is the way someone moves, such as a graceful ice skater. It can reference the prayer given before a meal. Another definition is to lend honor to a person or activity. These are all accurate and very good ways to think of grace. Today, I’d like to explore this meaning described by the American author, Max Lucado.

“Grace is the voice that calls to us to be more, then gives the power to pull it off.” Max Lucado

Similar to the quote above is the lyrics to a well known song, Wind beneath my Wings.  The songwriter is speaking of someone whose support lifted them to accomplish bigger things in life. Truly, it is easy to apply the song or the quote to a human benefactor or an eternal power.

Grace is a state of favor (unearned or undeserved), an elegant power of acceptance. Can I acquire it by some merit or action? No, I receive it.  Grace will not smother the individual. It affirms and recognizes freewill. I’ve come to truly appreciate the promise within the 23rd Psalm that grace will follow me, even if I attempt to run away or take a wrong turn.

Two Lessons of Grace

Here are two things my experience has taught me about the power of grace. First, I am allowed to give it to myself. I am listing this first primarily because living has taught me that what I can give to myself empowers me to also give to others. Accepting myself equals accepting others. Loving myself, same result.

The second lesson gives us all hope. Remember, I began by stating this is unmerited favor. It’s bigger than me. Although strength of character is required to anchor yourself in grace, grace will buoy you when your strength fails. A paradox to logic is to accept that by choice I can reach for something or if I’m unable it will reach for me.

Grace, Gratitude, Growth

Many people journal. I’ve been fairly consistent with my own journal for many years, and it was during one of those morning reflections that I wrote the three ‘G’s’ down as: Grace creates Gratitude creates Growth.

Did you get a signed copy of one of my books? If so, you’ve seen the phrase I use above my signature. ‘Grace, Gratitude, Growth’ is also the valediction for my newsletters. Many have commented on it, asking me why.  Those questions sparked this article. In fact, it has sparked a three part series as I plan to write future posts on gratitude and growth too.

And speaking of a signed paperback, did you know that you can request a signed bookplate for your own copy? You may email me at karen@writerklopez.com with your request. Please include the name of the paperback(s), a name if you want me to make it to them, and a mailing address to send it to. That’s it.


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