An inspirational story set during one of the most heart-wrenching times in American history…

Becky Nelson fled her childhood home and risked irreparable damage to her relationship with her only sister for an independent life in Kansas. The bookish bachelorette had no sooner settled in the Sunflower State when her path crossed with Henry, a ruggedly handsome farmer.

The draft selects the seemingly untouchable Henry, and the couple rushes to make their union permanent before the war carries him to far-off lands. As the days turn to months, their letters give Becky and Henry the strength to go on as he serves his country, and she shares their home with an unlikely guest.

As more men leave to fight in the war and fewer letters return, it’s up to Becky to keep their farm going. Will Henry return home, or will this war rob her of the only man she’s ever loved?

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Reader Reviews

Bayou Mom
Meaningful and touching
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This very touching and meaningful story follows the lives of several families during World War II. Karen’s stories always transport me back in time with relevant and relatable situations. Having lost my husband in the past year, I found emotional connections to the anxious wives waiting for letters from their husbands. Lovely depictions of real world life from that era.
Feel Good Historical Fiction
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This is a wonderful story about perseverance and love. I really enjoyed how the women came together to help each other. The letters incorporated into the story really added to the depth of the characters.
Letters from Kansas
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Becky Nelson left home as she wanted to travel causing a rift between her and her older sister. Soon after she arrived in Kansas, she met Henry and the two fell in love. When she found out he was called to serve his country, Becky asked that they marry before he left so in the little time that was left, he showed her how to take care of things on the farm and how to work his truck. As she had a rough beginning, she became friends with her neighbors and as more of the men were called to serve, they became a support system for each other. She found peace talking to Henry’s mother’s picture and asking her to protect Henry. This story showed the love and caring of neighbors and family. Also the letters kept them united in love.
Great story from WW Ii
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Becky and Henry are in love and waiting for a year to marry. Henry gets drafted so they marry quickly. Becky has to learn how to run the farm and how to drive. This book showed what the women and the men went through. It really opened my eyes to what my father might have went through I'm Normandy.
Letters from the war
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A story of a young couple meeting and falling in love. Becky Nelson left home because she and her sister couldn't get along. She met Henry Wright and married as soon as he was drafted in the Army. This is several letters back and forth . She was working on the family farm. She had to grow up fast. With the help of her wonderful neighbors they worked the farms together. All their husband's were called to serve. This is a wonderful story of love and friendship. I received an ARC of this book and I highly recommend reading this book.
Rose Leatherman
World War II
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This story was mainly about Becky Wright and the war. The families involved from a small town in Kansas, and the effect the war has on their lives. The relationship’s and how they are affected. Becky has just gotten married to Henry, when he was called up. She doesn’t know how to run a farm, or even her neighbors. She learns how all the neighbors help each other. The women in this book are very strong and pull together, when times call for it. This book was so entertaining, it portrayed strong women and children. I will read it again.
Lindalee 774
Great Faith and Friendships
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A well written, clean read! This story takes you into the lives of the women and families left at home when husbands are called to war. A newly married couple keep their bond strong by the letters they send and receive. You will feel the heartbreak of separation, the growth of women taking on jobs that men had previously done and the great faith and friendships that hold these families together. An excellent read, you will feel like you are part of the story.
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