How Books Enrich our Lives

BOOKS! Just the sound of the word or how a shelf of them look, takes me to my happy place. If you are reading this, you either:

  1. Love to read and are already enjoying some of the enrichments that habit brings to your life.
  2. Are interested in developing a habit of reading more often in your life.
  3. Stumbled upon this accidentally somehow (I hope you’ll stay anyway!)

Reading has rewards that many people simply do not realize. Even if you already enjoy the activity of reading, consider these “ripple” effects to your life from books.

To Begin, consider these immediate benefits:

  • Exercise! For your brain! Yes, reading helps you build up new neural pathways.
  • Expanding your perspectives and/or experiencing new ideas
  • Entertainment! Books provide this in a way that unplugs us from electronics.
  • Exhaustion Cure. Okay, I took some poetic license there to keep these E’s going but reading before bedtime is a time-tested sleep enhancer (oooooh, another E!)
  • Escapism. Granted this is really about entertainment, but a book of fiction can certainly allow us to explore, experience, or possibly evolve.

Book clubs are a thing. Sharing books with others whether it is a reading circle, book club or just discussing with a best friend, books are a link to social interactions. And after the year 2020, I believe we can all appreciate the benefits of socializing.

Reading, I think helps you create a more active role in your life or “your story” if you will. There is nothing wrong with enjoying a film or television show, but as entertainment options go, books have benefits. They require more of YOUR input and brainpower (remember the mention of brain exercise above?). The habit of regular reading reminds you of the broader, more important theme in life, which is:

YOU ARE DRIVING. You steer the choices you make just as a hero or heroine in a book. Be your own leading character. Take you to new and exciting places. As long as you are reading, you are heading down a good path.

Because I write fiction, I do hope you enjoy reading it. But, of course, it goes without saying that non-fiction is highly valued. I spend much time reading and researching articles and books of non-fiction to create stories. I have no doubt any author would tell you the same. Generally, I’m reading multiple things at a time. Still, my secret indulgence is a good novel!

What’s on your nightstand now? What are you reading? I’d love to hear!

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