For the Love of BEACH!

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For the Love of BEACH! 

Are you a Thalassophile? [/THəˈlasəˌfīl/]? If you have a love for the beach and being near the ocean, then you are a thalassophile! I confess a deep-rooted love. When I’m fortunate enough to drive to the Gulf of Mexico, it is torturous if I cannot take the scenic route. It is true that the scene has changed much over my lifetime with construction greatly reducing the visibility of the shoreline. But that smell, that wonderful salty scent remains, and compels me to roll down the window and hang my head out like a Labrador!

With the summer season upon us, of course I’m thinking of the beach and planning some time near it. But the inspiration for this blog post wasn’t that. No, it was writing research. I am excited about my next WW2 based book, Letters from Texas.  However, our soldier will leave the sleepy fishing town of Galveston only to find himself completing his army training near another beach, San Luis Obispo in California, and then spending even more time along the beaches of Guam during his service.

“I could never stay long enough on the shore; the tang of the untainted, fresh, and free air was like a cool, quieting thought.”  -Helen Keller

From the Gulf 

Let’s begin at his home, Galveston, Texas along the Gulf of Mexico. An island south of Houston, Texas, this small landmass is accessible today by two bridges (one from the north and one from the west) and one ferry (from the east). These beaches are perfect for sunbathing, picnicking, or simply taking a leisurely stroll along the water’s edge. The waters are home to an abundance of fish species, including redfish, speckled trout, flounder, and snapper, making it a paradise for fishing enthusiasts. It has a close-knit community, perhaps due to its size being only about two and half miles wide and twenty plus miles long. The island’s population is diverse and welcoming, creating a friendly and inclusive atmosphere.

To the Pacific

Due to my research for where my character will be stationed, I get to share some of that with you!

For the love of Beach at Morro Bay


After bootcamp, he arrives in San Luis Obispo, California. Located on the central coast of California, this city is charming and culturally rich while also offering a laid-back lifestyle.  Affectionately called SLO, it is tucked between rolling hills and the Pacific.

Morro Bay is one beach near his new assignment. Situated near the iconic Morro Rock, this picturesque shoreline has stunning views, a tranquil atmosphere, and a mild Mediterranean type climate.

And the Western Pacific

Guam is a tropical paradise nestled in the western Pacific Ocean. Establishing a military holding during the second world war was vital for the Allies. Today, about one-fourth of the two hundred plus square mile island remains property of the US military and the entirety is a US island territory.

Guam for the love of beach sunsets 

Due to its location in the typhoon belt, Guam is susceptible to tropical cyclones, particularly from July to November (the wet season) when typhoon activity is more prevalent in the region.  However, this storm season would be familiar to our main character as it is quite similar to his home state.

But we are here to talk about beaches! And Guam is renowned for its breathtaking beaches luring visitors from all corners of the world. With its turquoise waters, powdery white sand, and lush palm-fringed shores, Tumon Bay, located on the northwest coast of Guam, is one of the island’s most popular beach destinations.

At the southern end of the island, try beachcombing for sparkling sea glass, in blues, greens, and red. And if you continue south on the eastern coast, you can visit Talofofo Bay, an inlet at the mouth of the Talofofo River. This area is the site of a WWII Japanese freighter shipwreck which is how I discovered it in my research for the book.

Enjoy the distinct black sand beaches here, created from the deposits of river silt mixed with ocean sand. Due to its low-lying cliffs leading to the ocean, sharks favor this beach for nesting. Of course, turtles and other aquatic life also thrive in the waters.


Are you a Thalassophile?

Maybe you are not ready to swim with the sharks or study oceanography. But if the sound of the surf soothes you, the salty spray revives you, and that briny air causes you to inhale deeply, you may be a beach lover.

For the love of beach and books, I trust you have grown your affection for each from this article!

Happy beachy reading!






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