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Growth from Grace and Gratitude

Growth from Grace and Gratitude When you invite grace and gratitude into your life, growth will happen. What may surprise you is growth is grown in the soil of adversity. The good news? Grace and gratitude make great tools for digging in there. Adversity doesn’t have to be on the scale of Superman taking down …

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Creating gratitude on decorated pumpkin

Creating Gratitude

Gratitude, although intangible, is something we can create. Of course, feeling appreciation is wonderful. Maybe I experience it most easily when I’m given something as a gift I’ve longed to possess or when someone serves my favorite meal. Beyond ‘thank you’ is a place of being in gratitude. Here my eyes open to what I …

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The Grace to Soar

What is Grace?

What is Grace? When you hear the word grace, what do you think about? Maybe it is the way someone moves, such as a graceful ice skater. It can reference the prayer given before a meal. Another definition is to lend honor to a person or activity. These are all accurate and very good ways …

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Make Your Own Paper Christmas Ornaments

A tradition of evergreen boughs and decorations during the winter solstice dates back to early civilizations. However, the Christmas tree as we’ve come to understand it did not gain much popularity in the USA until around 1846 during the reign of Queen Victoria. An illustrated image of the Queen’s opulently decorated tree began circulating and …

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Art of Writing-

The Art of Letter Writing

I’m wondering if you still write letters. Personal letters between friends and family. Over the last decade (or maybe more like two decades), I’ve noticed that about the only letters that arrive in my mailbox are the kind from Publisher’s Clearing House Sweepstakes. You know those very hopeful, you may be our next winner, return …

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