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gulf of mexico beach

For the Love of BEACH!

For the Love of BEACH!  Are you a Thalassophile? [/THəˈlasəˌfīl/]? If you have a love for the beach and being near the ocean, then you are a thalassophile! I confess a deep-rooted love. When I’m fortunate enough to drive to the Gulf of Mexico, it is torturous if I cannot take the scenic route. It …

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Creating gratitude on decorated pumpkin

Creating Gratitude

Gratitude, although intangible, is something we can create. Of course, feeling appreciation is wonderful. Maybe I experience it most easily when I’m given something as a gift I’ve longed to possess or when someone serves my favorite meal. Beyond ‘thank you’ is a place of being in gratitude. Here my eyes open to what I …

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The Grace to Soar

What is Grace?

What is Grace? When you hear the word grace, what do you think about? Maybe it is the way someone moves, such as a graceful ice skater. It can reference the prayer given before a meal. Another definition is to lend honor to a person or activity. These are all accurate and very good ways …

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