One evening a chance meeting at a café brings Poppy and Peter together. She soon shares her secret with him. Could they share a future?

It was a beautiful morning. Despite the ancient oracle’s strange warning, Lydia set sail. She was experienced. She’d done this plenty of times before.

The oracle offered her a lucky talisman. Lydia took it.

Now, it seems both their luck has run out.

She’s stuck on an island with a charm whose magic is spent. Will it ever return, or is she doomed to spend the rest of her life marooned in the middle of nowhere?

To discover Lydia’s fate, get your copy today!

Their new friendship soon moves from the workplace to the tennis court where he teaches her everything about the game, but will spending Christmas together lead them to winning the best game of all?

Score of the Season is a fun escape for any time of year, but especially in December.

Let your heart be merry and bright as you dive into this multi-genre collection of short stories centered on the themes of love and joy during the holidays.

Explore a foreign café, wild mountain ranges, big city lights, and homey firesides. Keep turning the pages to read the stories of love, redemption, sacrifice, and kindness reminding you that THE HEART OF THE SEASON lives within us all!

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