Claiming Independence-the home office

Have you struggled with claiming independence for your personal working space? During 2020, many workers discovered the work at home model. No doubt, some welcomed it as fresh; something they had always hoped to do. Also, without a doubt, many experienced unexpected challenges, and outright impossibilities (three school age children at home and remote learning) …

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Art of Writing-

The Art of Letter Writing

I’m wondering if you still write letters. Personal letters between friends and family. Over the last decade (or maybe more like two decades), I’ve noticed that about the only letters that arrive in my mailbox are the kind from Publisher’s Clearing House Sweepstakes. You know those very hopeful, you may be our next winner, return …

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How Books Enrich our Lives

How Books Enrich our Lives BOOKS! Just the sound of the word or how a shelf of them look, takes me to my happy place. If you are reading this, you either: Love to read and are already enjoying some of the enrichments that habit brings to your life. Are interested in developing a habit …

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How to Make Josephine’s Peanut Butter Frosting Cake

OFTEN REQUESTED BY READERS OF SHAW POINT, I AM SHARING THE RECIPE FOR JOSEPHINE’S PEANUT BUTTER FROSTING CAKE… ENJOY! During the time of the Great War, many household items were rationed, including flour. However, families would often reserve some of these limited items to create treats for times of celebration. After moving to a rural …

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