audiobooks, yes or no?

Audiobooks Yes, or No?

Books on Audio–Yes or No? Do you listen to Audiobooks? Or maybe you are considering trying one. Perhaps before we explore the pros and cons I’ve researched, we should define what is an audiobook. To loosely quote Wikipedia, an audiobook, also known as a ‘talking book’ is a recording for a book being read aloud …

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Make Your Own Paper Christmas Ornaments

A tradition of evergreen boughs and decorations during the winter solstice dates back to early civilizations. However, the Christmas tree as we’ve come to understand it did not gain much popularity in the USA until around 1846 during the reign of Queen Victoria. An illustrated image of the Queen’s opulently decorated tree began circulating and …

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Claiming Independence-the home office

Have you struggled with claiming independence for your personal working space? During 2020, many workers discovered the work at home model. No doubt, some welcomed it as fresh; something they had always hoped to do. Also, without a doubt, many experienced unexpected challenges, and outright impossibilities (three school age children at home and remote learning) …

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