gulf of mexico beach

For the Love of BEACH!

For the Love of BEACH!  Are you a Thalassophile? [/THəˈlasəˌfīl/]? If you have a love for the beach and being near the ocean, then you are a thalassophile! I confess a deep-rooted love. When I’m fortunate enough to drive to the Gulf of Mexico, it is torturous if I cannot take the scenic route. It …

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Creating gratitude on decorated pumpkin

Creating Gratitude

Gratitude, although intangible, is something we can create. Of course, feeling appreciation is wonderful. Maybe I experience it most easily when I’m given something as a gift I’ve longed to possess or when someone serves my favorite meal. Beyond ‘thank you’ is a place of being in gratitude. Here my eyes open to what I …

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The Grace to Soar

What is Grace?

What is Grace? When you hear the word grace, what do you think about? Maybe it is the way someone moves, such as a graceful ice skater. It can reference the prayer given before a meal. Another definition is to lend honor to a person or activity. These are all accurate and very good ways …

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audiobooks, yes or no?

Audiobooks Yes, or No?

Books on Audio–Yes or No? Do you listen to Audiobooks? Or maybe you are considering trying one. Perhaps before we explore the pros and cons I’ve researched, we should define what is an audiobook. To loosely quote Wikipedia, an audiobook, also known as a ‘talking book’ is a recording for a book being read aloud …

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