August Night Sky Magic – Perseids Meteor Shower

Night sky magic every August

Every year in August, there is night sky magic. It is the Perseids Meteor Shower.

August Moon

Look! the round-cheeked moon floats high,
In the glowing August sky,
Quenching all her neighbor stars,
Save the steady flame of Mars.

excerpt of poem by: Emma Lazarus


August is a time for magical night skies.


One bit of night sky magic that I look forward to each year in August is the Perseids Meteor Shower. In 2021, the height of activity is predicted on the evening of August 11 until the dawn of August 13.  Moonlight conditions do affect our ability to witness these celestial events and 2021 promises a good night of viewing as the moon will be below the horizon during the peak nights. Do be on the lookout on other nights also, especially, if you get the chance a few nights/early mornings before or after the peak.

Be sure to make lots of wishes!

Anywhere between sixty to one hundred flashing orbs per hour is not uncommon in the night sky during the Perseids event. What that means is, if you take the time to go outside and watch the sky you should be rewarded. You do not need any special knowledge or equipment, just the willingness to find a patch of dark night sky and miss a little shut-eye. Stay up late or arise pre-dawn and find a comfortable position, a blanket on the grass or a reclining lawn chair with a plan to view for at least an hour. Just keep your eyes open!

The constellation, Perseus.

To find the radiant point for the meteor shower, locate the constellation, Perseus. Don’t worry if you can’t, you’ll still see many streaks in the sky. And if you are especially fortunate, during the late evening hours (near midnight), you may witness an earthgrazer. A long, slow ‘falling star’ on a horizontal trajectory across the sky. These beauties are rare but memorable.

The earthgrazer may have given rise to the Greek star lore of Perseus, the namesake for this August astronomical show. Greek lore says the Perseids Meteor Shower commemorates the time when Zeus visited the mortal Danaë, who is the mother of Perseus. Hey, there is a romance story lurking everywhere.

Let’s uncover some more romance together!

Since we’ve wondered into the story path, you may enjoy a brief update on what I’m working on currently. Yup, romance! (I know you were very surprised, huh?) The second book of the Shaw Point series, Josephine’s Wish, is in progress. Josephine’s kind and practical ways are attracting much attention within the small community of Chatham, VA and beyond. Of course, there is plenty to do around the newly reclaimed farm but there is also a harvest of love in many directions. I believe, as my readers, you will be pleased with some of the courting that sprouts and for whom!

Also, I have a new Contemporary Christmas story which will be published this fall. An unlikely friendship grows on the set of a local Louisiana television station and soon the sports anchor, David has lost his heart to Janis. She is smart, geeky, and full of guilt for calling off her wedding at the last minute. We can only hope the stars will align for them.




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