10 Things Mom’s Want for Mother’s Day Gift

mothers day gift

Are you thinking about Mother’s Day? Maybe more importantly you are looking for a Mother’s Day Gift. My recent book, Poppy describes the roles of mothers or women who have nurtured us in life. Poppy’s own mother failed in many of the tasks we believe important to an effective role of motherhood. However, for a short time in Poppy’s life she experienced ‘mothering’ from a classmate’s mother. This experience had a lasting effect in her life. And that is what we honor about motherhood in general. How they shape our lives and influence us for a very long time. I pray that most of you reading this have someone in your life to honor on Mother’s Day who is a shining example rather than a cautionary tale.

In the USA we celebrate Mother’s Day in May and my Mother’s Day gift list is unique and all are favorite things of mine. I’m fortunate to know several women, artists, writers, coaches, etc. most of which who are also mothers and it is my pleasure to share this list of ten things mom’s want for Mother’s Day from these businesses. (Some of these ideas are also FREE!)

mother's day gift bracelet
Inspiration Bracelet

Yes, but not just any jewelry, this is jewelry you can create and customize. Without robbing your life’s savings. Truly the price points will leave you feeling like you got a steal! Flingtastic is jewelry designs delighting customers with a feeling of guilt-free indulgence. Here is an example showcasing the inspiration word bracelets. https://www.etsy.com/shop/FlingtasticJewelry


Bath and Body delights

It is time for a real splurge meaning real ingredients, real scents, real luxury. Check out the selections at Purple Sage. A real mom, making soaps and other scented delights that pamper and inspire things like ‘courage’, ‘wisdom’ (my personal fav), and ‘harmony’. Who is a sage like the mom in your life (or is that mom, YOU)? AND there is a 10% off code for your first purchase!



Meditation Package

Ohmmm. Ommm. Mommm is due some balance in life. Surprise her (or yourself) with one month of meditation at Hum and Glow. There are online courses for beginners, including the moving meditation course. An alternative beginner’s course where you do not need to sit still to achieve a peaceful state. Bliss! https://www.humandglow.com


Reading can be a very personal indulgence but if you are going to indulge in a relaxing bubble bath or an afternoon with your feet up, a book is required. (well, that is my humble opinion.) Here are some novel *grin* suggestions, depending on the reader’s preferred genre for mother’s day.

Western Sci-fi: Check out Bargain at Bravebank by JR Frontera


Horror/Weird Western: Check out Biting the Bullet by Ross Touhy   https://www.amazon.com/Ross-Tuohy/e/B07C5998VQ

Cozy Mysteries: Check out The Squeaky Clean Skelton by RA Muth https://www.amazon.com/R-A-Muth/e/B08FRPMF4V

Historical Fiction/Romance: Check out Shaw Point by Karen Lopez (yours truly) https://www.amazon.com/Karen-Lopez/e/B0818FHT2K

Crime/Thrillers: Check out Desecrate the Darkness by A K Hughey





Style Makeover

What mom hasn’t wished getting dressed was easier? Standing in front of an overflowing closet andcloset assessment thinking there is nothing to wear is no fun. But! Getting dressed can be and that is why you will want to check out “Let’s get dressed”. Contact Stirling about gifting your favorite mom with a closet assessment.https://www.facebook.com/groups/745843146318598


Health & Wellness Coaching

This is a gift that gives and gives. Being well is priceless. We’ve all heard and maybe even said ‘Health is wealth’, but how often do our actions reflect that. Often it is because we are confused about what is truly important or healthy but most often, we could really use some expert guidance in integrating healthy habits. A way of living, every day, supporting a lifetime of wellness. Kingdom Health coaching recognizes you are truly the queen (or king) of your kingdom; body, mind, and spirit. It’s easy to gift an integrative health program here: https://kingdomhealthcoach.com/health-coach-programs

Four more that are FREE!

Well, at least they don’t cost much in the monetary sense. Never underestimate the value of time, service, talents, and love. I can only imagine there are few mothers who would not appreciate mother’s day gift like these as much or more than material gifts.

Time or Service

Consider giving her car a good scrubbing inside and out. Of course, you could also clean out the storage shed or shine the house.

You may know a mom who has small children, who would really appreciate a ‘coupon’ for baby sitting hours. Or maybe pet sitting/walking. Or a grandmother you could delight with some tech assistance (setting up smart phone, smart tv, etc.)

Gifts of talent

Oh, let me count the ways. Do you have a green thumb? Pot up some extra flowers, trailing ivy, or kitchen herbs from your wealth and share. Can you sew/knit? There are so many ideas here, so, I’ll share two about myself.

I have a niece who knits. One year she made me a hat. I love that hat. Every minute it’s not summer for me, you will probably find me wearing that hat. I also love aprons (they are my equivalent to a superhero cape) and treasure the ones sewn for me.

Also, a personal story but I hope it will inspire you to use your talents. When I was young (not a child but income was small) I wrote my late mother a song. It was hard to ever top that gift no matter how much money I spent in the future. I’ve cooked, sang, painted art, and wrote poems as gifts over the years. Everyone has a talent! Gift yours.


Maybe this encompasses all the above but sometimes the gift we really need is love. A hug. Words. A love note/letter. Not that those $7 ‘hallmark’ cards aren’t pretty or appreciated but it is what you add that is the icing on that cake. If you are far apart, even a phone call or better yet a video call is truly a treasure. Take time to say now, what you’d wish you had said if the opportunity were gone.

Here is a love note/message idea. Begin with ‘I remember when’ and spend an hour, a day, or a week allowing your mind to cobble together answers. If you don’t tell, the mom you present your fond memories list to may never know and they will not know how these things impacted your life.



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